Photographs of
Fort Edward Blockhouse

The oldest blockhouse in Canada, and one of the few
mid-18th century buildings still standing in Nova Scotia

National Historic Site

Hants County
Nova Scotia

GPS location:   44°59'48"N   64°08'07"W

The Fort Edward blockhouse is located only 12 seconds of latitude – about 360 metres –
south of 45° latitude, half way between the Equator and the North Pole.

Fort Edward National Historic Site, Windsor
Fort Edward National Historic Site, Windsor

Photographed on 21 November 2002

Plaque: Last Surviving Blockhouse
Last Surviving Blockhouse

Photographed on 21 November 2002

Fort Edward Blockhouse, Windsor
Fort Edward Blockhouse, Windsor

Photographed on 21 November 2002

Fort Edward cairn, Windsor
Fort Edward cairn, Windsor

Photographed on 21 November 2002

Plaque on Fort Edward cairn, Windsor
Plaque date: 1925

Photographed on 21 November 2002

Seven Years War 1754-1763
Fort Edward was constructed in 1750, as part of
the preliminaries that led to the Seven Years War.
Fort Edward by Wikipedia

Fort Edward Blockhouse, Windsor
Fort Edward Blockhouse, Windsor

Photographed on 24 December 2003

Also see: Flora MacDonald plaque

Blockhouse at Annapolis, Nova Scotia
Blockhouse at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Source: Canadian Illustrated News, 27 December 1872
Reproduced from the National Library of Canada's website

The blockhouse at Annapolis Royal survived to 1882 when it was sold for firewood.

Fort Edward Blockhouse, Windsor
Fort Edward Blockhouse, Windsor

Photographed on 21 November 2002

RCL: Royal Canadian Legion
RCL: Royal Canadian Legion

Photographed on 21 November 2002

1908 postcard view of Fort Edward, Windsor, Nova Scotia
Fort Edward, as it appeared in the early 1900s.
The building with the red roof, in the center of this photograph,
was the Officers' Quarters.  It burned down on 16 June 1922.

This Valentine & Sons postcard was postmarked in Windsor in June 1908.

Planter 2010 Celebration in Nova Scotia

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Fort Edward Blockhouse by the West Hants Historical Society

Salvage Excavation and Construction Monitoring at Fort Edward National Historic Site

Fort Edward National Historic Site by the Department of Tourism and Culture

The Wayback Machine has archived copies of
Fort Edward as it looked in the late 1800s
by the West Hants Historical Society

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On the Trail of the Scots: Hants County
by Allen B. Robertson, in Celtic Heritage, July-August 2004
...It was in the year 1749 therefore that a military party was assigned to construct
defences on the banks of the Pisiquid [now Avon] River.  Here Fort Edward was
created from earthen embankments, wooden picket fencing, a block house and
barracks.  Now only the earthworks and block house [now a national historic site]
remain as tangible reminders of the colonial era.  Two and a half centuries ago,
though, the fort served as more than a military site.  Acadians and Mi'kmaq at
different times traded or resided in the area, Acadians were held as prisoners
at the Deportation of 1755 and for several years thereafter, and it was here that
the merchants and officials of Halifax had their rural retreats.  The original garrison
of Fort Edward and the ensuing changes of personnel included Scots and Irish
soldiers, entrepreneurs and humble immigrants.  New England Planters who
took up government offers of farm lands a decade after the founding of Halifax
established themselves across the Avon River in Falmouth, at Newport, and on
into present day Kings County.  Fort Edward became the heart of a separate
Township under the name of Windsor.  In time the title of Windsor meant the
actual town which grew up around the fort.  All three townships – Falmouth,
Windsor and Newport – had at their beginnings in the 1760s several Celtic
colonists both civilian and military.  Intermixed among the population were
military officers who received land grants and gave names to their estates
that persist to this day...

The Wayback Machine has archived copies of
On the Trail of the Scots: Hants County
by Allen B. Robertson
Celtic Heritage,
July-August 2004

Archived: 2004 August 06

Archived: 2004 August 30

Archived: 2004 September 11

The Life and Death of William Desmond Taylor
...The original Fort Edward was built in 1750. By World War One it was gone,
just an historical marker. But it was a local landmark and still is. When a
temporary wooden barracks was built the locals still referred to it as Fort
Edward although a barracks is not a defensive structure. The local paper,
a weekly paper called the Hants Journal, usually referred to the wartime
facility as "Fort Edward". But midway through World War One, a B.E.F.
training depot was established, which was a large tent encampment, and local
buildings like the library and YMCA were requisitioned for base use, like
stores, officers' quarters, etc. With both Canadian military activities and
British military activities going on in the same small town, even the press
started using hybrid terminology, referring to "Camp Fort Edward" in the
Hants Journal, – and this means the B.E.F. tent camp at Fort Edward...

A Continuing Exploration of the Life and Death of William Desmond Taylor
Taylorology, Issue 12, December 1993
...The facts of William Desmond Taylor's military service are as follows:
He enlisted as a private in the British Army and arrived at Camp Fort Edward,
Nova Scotia, Canada, in August 1918
... [Boldface emphasis added]

William Desmond Taylor Wikipedia.
In the 1950 film Sunset Boulevard, the name Norma Desmond is
a reference to Taylor's middle name.

Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

Fort Edward cannons Fort Edward cannons Windsor

Flora MacDonald plaque Flora MacDonald plaque Windsor

Windsor Exhibition founded in 1765 Windsor Exhibition founded in 1765

Hants County war memorial Hants County war memorial Windsor

T.C. Haliburton plaque T.C. Haliburton plaque Windsor

A.L. Haliburton plaque A.L. Haliburton plaque Windsor

Robert Christie plaque Robert Christie plaque Windsor

Alden Nowlan plaque Alden Nowlan plaque Windsor

Veterans Memorial View Park Veterans Memorial View Park Avonport

Sir Robert Laird Borden monument Sir Robert Laird Borden Monument Grand Pre

Abraham Gesner monument Abraham Gesner Monument Chipman Corner

Acacia Villa School cairn Acacia Villa School monument Hortonville

Planters monument Planters monument Horton Landing

Monument: 1747 Attack at Grand Pre Monument: 1747 Attack at Grand Pre Grand Pre

Morden: French Cross monument French Cross monument Morden

Falmouth: Sainte-Famille Parish Cemetery Sainte-Famille Parish Cemetery Falmouth

Bloody Creek monument Monument: Bloody Creek 1757 Bloody Creek

Halifax war memorial, Grand Parade Halifax war memorial The Cenotaph, Grand Parade

Welsford-Parker monument Welsford-Parker monument, Crimean War Halifax

Plaque: Old Burying Ground Old Burying Ground plaque Halifax

William Hall monument, Hantsport William Hall monument Hantsport

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